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Burning firmware to an Azteeg X1 (how to)

The Azteeg X1 is a Sanguino clone using the Atmel 1284P processor with clock speed at 16Mhz. For the purposes of this document all we want to do is upload firmware to our Azteeg X1 controller board . THEREFORE – just using it to upload code, having a newer version of Arduino is NOT necessary. […]

Pup Render

Introducing the Cerberus Pup – Desktop 3D Delta Printer

The Cerberus Pup is coming! The pup is a small, and some say cute, Deltabot 3D printer with a minimalistic feel, but very high performance. It’s 500mm tall and We’re working overtime trying to get all of the files finished and uploaded. In the meantime please take a look at our Youtube video channel for […]

Welcome to our new web store.

Welcome to the Grabercars 3D Printer and printer components website. We’re offering a few very unique products at the moment, including our awesome ‘w’ profile universal delrin rollers. It’s our goal to continue to develop lots more cutting edge products that you will almost certainly find indispensable once you’ve tried them. Thanks for visiting and […]

The store will be closed between May 24 and June 12, 2015 - Any orders placed during that time will be processed AFTER June 15, 2015. Thank you, Steve